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What you will build

The main goal of this course is to take you from knowing nothing about GSAP to being comfortable hand-coding GSAP's timelines.

Timelines allow you to sequence many animations and control them as a group (just like a video).

Creative Process Learn how to find inspiration in the things you love.

Timelines can be used in anything from a simple button rollover to more complex UI animations, to banners, or the thousands of scroll-driven animations you see on award-winning websites.

We'll start with the basics and go through: tweens, easing, special properties, animation controls, and sequencing.

You'll even get some bonus lessons from my paid courses.

Jump on in and join over 10,000 developers who used this course to start their GSAP careers!

Full Access | No Credit Card
34 Video Lessons + Bonuses


See the Pen hole jumper finished (pro) by Snorkl.tv (@snorkltv) on CodePen.

Absolutely fantastic
Brilliant course.

Extremely well explained very easy to understand. One of the best investments I have made, it eliminates the need for so many other plugins and software you literally have everything you need with gsap
Adam Wright
Awesome Course
The introduction was very straightforward and at a very pleasant pace. Carl's teaching method developed a good understanding, particularly the visualizer he used to describe the timeline. Carl also shared tips that may not be noticed by a less experienced tutor. Fantastic!
Prashant Sunwar
Mind Blown!!!
I'm an animator who just got into HTML and CSS a month ago, and I'm so excited to be using GSAP... It's opened completely new worlds to me already, and I'm not even done with the free trial yet! 
The absolute basics in this course show me enough to get going on my own for now.
Rebekka Keusch
Practical, clear, outstanding GSAP course!
Carl is not only an expert with GSAP, but he's also an interesting mix of relatable, funny, and professional. The videos are easy to follow and cover the essentials (and then some). We've all seen boring, technical videos stuck in the theoretical, making you feel dumb or utterly bored which is why I appreciate Carl's style so much. He's "one of us", explaining things that actually make sense in the real world.

Watch his courses and you'll be an animation superhero in no time. 

Highly recommended!
Jack Doyle (creator of GreenSock)
Fun and effective introduction to GSAP 3
The course introduces some basic concepts and shows how to animate on the web using GSAP 3. Great CodePen demos accompany the course and offer users the opportunity to practice what they've learnt.

There's a project to complete and some guidance on how to use the awesome docs on the GSAP website. Warmly recommended to beginners of this animation super library.
Antonella Perna
Carl you are a genuis!
I've been following you from Greensock forums and always thought if you could make some video courses for GSAP and now we have it! I enjoyed every part of it so far and now waiting to dig in for aome advanced topics.
Saad Khan
Excellent course
Presentation was very clear and at a pace just nice. Carl’s way of teaching generated good understanding, especially the visualiser he used to describe timeline. Carl also shared tips which a less experienced tutor may not notice. Excellent!
Regina Loh
Amazing course
I was an absolute beginner to SVG animation and now feel already confident that I can create cool things from now on.
Fumiko Toyoda
I wish I had taken this course first!
If you are new to gsap, especially version 3, do yourself a favor and take this course first. It will save you weeks of confusion. The course is cheap also. Like the price of a cup of coffee cheap.
Anthony Bachan

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Our Development Environment

    3. GSAP 3 Express Notes and Instructions

    1. GSAP Object: Tweens and Timelines

    2. Basic Tween

    3. from() and fromTo()

    4. Special Properties: Delay and Repeat

    5. Special Property: Ease

    6. Reading Ease Curves

    7. About Me and Creative Coding Club

    8. Special Property: Stagger

    9. Tween Control

    10. transformOrigin

    11. Copy of Why from() Tweens Glitch and Stop Working!

    12. Using the GSAP Documentation

    1. Why Timelines are Important

    2. Basic Timeline Intro

    3. Position Parameter Visualizer

    4. Basic Timeline Position

    5. Timeline Control and Labels

    6. Bonus Demos

    1. Simple Rollover / Hover Effects

    2. Rollover / Hover Effects for Multiple Elements

    3. Constant Hover Pulse with Smooth Reset

    1. Project Setup

    2. Basic Animation

    3. Timeline Defaults

    4. GSDevTools

    5. Tweak Timing

    6. Remove Flash of Un-styled Content (FOUC)

    1. Typewriter Effect with TextPlugin

    2. Getting Started with SplitText

    3. SplitText Word by Word

    4. SplitText Line by Line

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