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From HTML5 banner ads to award-winning websites, the GreenSock Animation Platform is the tool of choice for today's professional animators.

Carl Schooff

A bit about me...

I spent nearly 7 years as Geek Ambassador at GreenSock creating their official training materials, YouTube videos, and interactive demos that are all over

Having spent years in their support forums amassing over 9,000 posts I have quite a bit of experience teaching people how to animate with code and avoid common beginner mistakes.

With that position behind me and a totally new API introduced with GSAP 3, I knew I would still need a place to share all that excites me about scripted animation. That’s why I created the Creative Coding Club, it provides a way for me to reach and teach the most people at a price anyone can afford.

GreenSock and One Line of Code

The beauty of GSAP is that you can do so much with so little code

Creative Coding Club Mission

My goal is to provide affordable scripted animation training to a global audience of web developers that far exceeds any university level training while being focused on the joy and satisfaction of bringing art to life with code.

Your Creative Coding Club Membership includes ALL the courses below

The ultimate beginner's course designed to get you up and running with GSAP's most popular features quickly.

Value: $49

Learn features of the API the pros rely on to take their animations to the next level with precision timing, control, and flexibility.

Value: $79

Learn the many ways you can control your GreenSock animations with ScrollTrigger. Create awesome parallax effects, scrub through timelines, and trigger animations as they enter the viewport.

Value: $49

An ease can dramatically change the feel of an animation. Learn how GreenSock's proprietary eases (CustomEase, SlowMo, RoughEase) can drive truly unique and complex animation effects.

Value: $29

Premium tutorials and demos that don't fit nicely into the other courses. It's a honey-pot of demo delight.

Value: $49

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Lifetime + Friend
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If choosing monthly plan you will save 30% off first 3 months only. Price will increase to $4.95 after 3 months. You can cancel any time.

All plans include GSAP 3 Express, GSAP 3 Beyond the Basics, "B-Sides, Bonuses and Oddities", and ScrollTrigger Express

Increase Success with Lifetime + Friend

Whether it's dieting, fitness, or learning, studies show that your chance of success greatly increases with an accountability partner

When you purchase Lifetime + Friend I will send you a single-use coupon that you can send to a friend for free enrollment in all Creative Coding Club courses.

You and your friend can commit to learning together and challenge each other along the way.

You can ask your friend to split the cost or maybe get them to buy you a nice lunch 😃

Awesome Reviews from Awesome Students

Great intro into GSAP
The course was nice, simple and easy to understand. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.
Micah Oriaso
I wish I had taken this course first!
If you are new to gsap, especially version 3, do yourself a favor and take this course first.

It will save you weeks of confusion. 

The course is cheap also. Like the price of a cup of coffee cheap.
Anthony Bachan
Practical, clear, outstanding GSAP course!
Carl is not only an expert with GSAP, but he's also an interesting mix of relatable, funny, and professional.

The videos are easy to follow and cover the essentials (and then some). We've all seen boring, technical videos stuck in the theoretical, making you feel dumb or utterly bored which is why I appreciate Carl's style so much. He's "one of us", explaining things that actually make sense in the real world.

Watch his courses and you'll be an animation superhero in no time. 

Highly recommended!
Jack Doyle (creator of GreenSock)
Great course! Highly recommend!
Once again Carl breaks everything down in an understandable way all while having fun doing it.
Greg Vissing
Professional and Clean
When it comes to learning on the web, you will have to filter out a lot of extra fluff to get the information you need. 
The Creative Coding Club gives the information up front, clean and to the point.
Jeff Holmes
Carl promises there's more to come in this course but what's here so far is very useful, well demonstrated and explained very clearly.

It's great to be able to play around with the codepen samples.
Christine Wilks
Great class!
Thanks Carl!

Creative Coding Club is AWESOME!!
Jean Zartman
Great Class!
This class went through the material at the right pace: fast enough to be lively and slow enough for me to grasp in real time. 
All the aspects of ScrollTrigger were explained very thoroughly and the examples were easy to understand
Thanks for a great class!
Emily Blair
Awesome Introduction to ScrollTrigger
Not only will you better understand ScrollTrigger but you will get all the 'Must-have' information to effectively and correctly implement in your projects! PLUS tons of tips along the way to increase your GSAP knowledge. 
I cant say enough good things about how Carl teaches this course!!
Jeanie Herold
Gift for Teaching
Carl knows GreenSock inside out, adds new content at an amazing rate, and on top of it, has a gift for teaching and the passion to inspire.

Impossible to resist the urge to jump on Codepen and experiment with his code while following along.
M. Antonietta Perna

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these courses for?

Web developers who want to take their work to the next level with high-performance scripted animation.

What experience do I need?

You should be comfortable creating a webpage with basic HTML and CSS.

Regarding JavaScript, you should understand variables, functions, loops, and arrays. If not, I strongly recommend JavaScript for Beginners on Skillshare (get 2 months free).

The GreenSock Animation Platform is designed to suit the needs of animation professionals while being easy to grasp for beginners. 

I have taught hundreds of students of all levels how to make amazing animations with just a few lines of code.

What software do I need?

Just a web browser! You can watch all my videos on any device. I recommend using a desktop browser for editing the online demos I provide. 

What if I'm not satisfied?

I offer a 28 day 100% money-back guarantee if you aren't happy for any reason. 

More Reviews

'cause why not? (as my kids would say)

Beautifully Curated Videos, Very succinct and terse explanation
The express course takes a person who knows 0 about animation to an animations explorer who is well equipped to read the GSAP Documentations and apply a few key key things in practice.
Sahil Kazi
Authoritative Gsap Resource
Very thorough without getting tedius. Courses is relatively short and quick to digest
Kristi Menina
Great Course
The best course for beginners just getting into gsap and animation.
Jeff Holmes

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The Creative Coding Club is committed to your long-term training and growth.

Stop fumbling through out-dated tutorials and YouTube videos.

The foundational material I have in GSAP 3 Express and Beyond the Basics will literally save you hours if not days of time searching on your own.

Join today and unlock hours of exclusive videos you'll never find on, css-tricks, codrops, YouTube, or elsewhere.