GreenSock Animation Course Bundle

Unlock over 200 premium video lessons designed to guide you through the most powerful features of the GreenSock Animation Platfrorm (GSAP).

New lessons are released weekly to keep your learning fresh.

Monthly plan can be canceled at any time.
All memberships offer a 28 day 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
All memberships have access to all GreenSock courses AND new weekly lesson releases.

The mission of Creative Coding Club is to help front end developers discover the joy of animating with code.

A majority of the effects I teach can be achieved with literally 3 or 4 lines of code while providing a high level of flexibility.

You'll be amazed at what you can do once you get comfortable with the GreenSock basics.


Each lesson is highly focused on a particular feature of GSAP or effect.

I specialize in breaking down complex animation topics into concise code snippets, often with the help of detailed visual aids and interactive demos.

After spending an hour or 2 a week watching my lectures and practicing, you'll soon have the skills to craft your own hand-coded effects and interactive experiences.

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SVG Animation with GreenSock

Super-charge your Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) with GreenSock. This ground-breaking course shows you how SVG files work so that you will know EXACTLY how to animate them and hand-code them!

New lessons added weekly through November and beyond

34 Lessons and Growing Weekly!

Beyond the Basics

Learn features of the API the pros rely on to take their animations to the next level with precision timing, control, and flexibility.

Go beyond the docs and learn to creatively apply the technical features of GSAP to solve common animation challenges.

41 Lessons

ScrollTrigger Express

Learn the many ways you can control your GreenSock animations with ScrollTrigger. Create awesome parallax effects, scrub through timelines, and trigger animations as they enter the viewport.

29 Lessons

GSAP 3 Express

The ultimate beginner's course designed to get you up and running with GSAP's most popular features quickly.

Enroll For Free and start building your first GreenSock animations today.

34 Lessons + Bonuses

B-Sides, Bonuses, and Oddities

Vast collection of "weekly release" tutorials and demos that go beyond the fundamentals of the other courses.

This is where we truly get creative with our code an dive into topics you won't find discussed in any other schools.

69 Lessons


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training for?
Front-end developers that want to learn how to add high-performance, JavaScript animations to all their websites, games, apps, and banners.
What type of coding background is required?
Only very basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The best way to gauge your ability is to take my Free GreenSock beginner's course: GSAP 3 Express. Enroll For Free.
What software requirements are there?
Just a web browser! All videos are available to be streamed any time on any device. All code samples are available to be explored and edited using CodePen which is the industry-standard online web editor for creative developers.
Do I need to know other frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular?
Absolutely, not. These courses are strictly focused on the GSAP API. My goal is to minimize distractions and keep things as headache free as possible. However, everything I teach about GSAP can be ported over to those frameworks and there are many free guides and support forums online to help you transition.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
Yes, simply request a refund within 28 days of purchase for a 100% refund. No questions asked.
Why are these courses so inexpensive?
My content is beginner-friendly and priced to be student-friendly. I've been blessed by the fact that so many have enjoyed this training and have encouraged their peers to join.

My mission is to share the joy of animating with code with as many people as possible and my prices reflect that.

I will be offering a slightly more expensive tier for businesses, but for now, everyone can take advantage of the tremendous value this training offers.


Carl is not only an expert with GSAP, but he's also an interesting mix of relatable, funny, and professional.

We've all seen boring, technical videos stuck in the theoretical, making you feel dumb or utterly bored which is why I appreciate Carl's style so much. He's "one of us", explaining things that actually make sense in the real world.

Watch his courses and you'll be an animation superhero in no time.

Highly recommended!

Jack Doyle
Creator of GreenSock

Monthly plan can be canceled at any time.
All memberships offer a 28 day 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
All memberships have access to all GreenSock courses AND new weekly lesson releases.