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In GSAP3 Express I provided an accelerated path towards building animation sequences with timelines. That course only scratched the surface of what GSAP can do.

GSAP3 Beyond the Basics is designed to help you better understand the full capabilities of GSAP and master the techniques the pros use to approach more complex animations.

Sample Lesson

There is no better way to have your animations stand out than to understand the many components of staggered animations. 

You'll learn how to use function-based values, eases to distribute start times, and weighted random values. 

Here's a sample video from this chapter

This course is loaded with over 35 lessons packed with interactive demos and additional resources.

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Course curriculum

    1. Chapter Intro

    2. From Illustrator to Animation

    3. Getter-Setter Methods

    4. Smart Play-Pause-Restart Toggle Button

    5. Scrub Through an Animation with an HTML Input Slider

    6. Tween progress() of an Animation

    7. OOPS: Gotta Fix the Buttons

    1. Intro

    2. Callbacks

    3. Build a Timeline Visualizer with getChildren()

    4. killTweensOf()

    5. gsap.utils.wrap()

    6. gsap.registerEffect()

    7. CSSPlugin: Use clearProps to remove inline styles

    8. 3D Transforms

    9. Understanding GSAP's immediateRender Property

    10. GSAP Utils Basics Part 1: mapRange()

    11. GSAP Utils Basics Part 2: mapRange() using mouse-distance-from-center

    12. GSAP Utils Basics Part 3: Chaining utility methods with pipe()

    13. GSAP Utils Part 4: Mouse Scroller with mapRange()

    1. Tweening function-based values

    2. Ease-based distribution of start times

    3. Using the weightedRandom() helper function

    4. Using the distribute() utility function

    5. Rubberbander Text Effect

    6. Staggered Staggers. What?

    7. 3D Text Rotator

    8. Repeat Values on Tween vs Stagger Object

    9. Using Callbacks in Staggers

    10. Staggered Staggers with No Gap

    1. Intro

    2. Linear Navigation with addPause()

    3. Non-Linear Navigation Using Labels

    4. Add a Pause to a Timeline for a Specific Amount of Time

    5. Nested Timelines

    6. Functions That Return Timelines

    7. tweenTo() and tweenFromTo()

    1. File Setup

    2. Animate Panel 1

    3. Create a function to animate 3 panels

    4. Morph curve using AttrPlugin

    1. Title Effects Generator Part 1

    2. Title Effects Generator Part 2

    3. Title Effects Generator Part 3: Wrap Up

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  • 47 lessons

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