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This course launched on Dec 4th with two lessons.

I'll be regularly dropping new videos and bonus files into this course for my subscribers. 

You can watch the first video below in its entirety. Jump ahead to 5:24 for some real magic;)

CodePen demos available for each lesson, including my not-production-ready CustomEase Visualizer. I think you will enjoy learning how it was built and playing with it.

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UPDATE DEC 14: Added 3 Pixi.js Particle Demos.

UPDATE JAN 7: Added two lessons on creatiing a dynamic text effect

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    MotionPath with a CustomEase

    • Apply a CustomEase to a MotionPath Tween

    • How I Built my CustomEase Visualizer

  • 2


    • Ease-based distribution of start times

  • 3

    Pixi Particles

    • Pixi Circulator Beta

    • Pixi Sweet Corn

    • Pixi Circles Top and Bottom

  • 4

    Basic Text Effect Template

    • Dynamic Text Effect Self Playing

    • Dynamic Interactive Text Effect

  • 5

    Bonus Demos

    • One Line of Code Mega Demo

    • Laziest Response Slider Using repeatRefresh

    • Zim Splat

    • getRelativePosition() Spinner Demo

    • 3D Inverted Cube Spinner

    • Curved motion using different eases for x and y

    • Reveal dots while animation plays

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