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Featured Review
Thank you so much Carl, this course was excellent. Your educative skills are "out of this world".

Coming from After Effects, a lot of videos I've seen before were kind of confusing for me, yours were insanely easy to follow.

This is by far the best introduction to Animate ou there, super clear, fun, mini-project-oriented.

For those wondering, this is still relevant if you want to work with Animate 2022.

Thanks again, it's brilliant. Best regards from France.
Dimitri Simonin

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  • All artwork and source files provided

  • Written instructions and special Follow-Along instructional videos for each leasson

  • Go at your own pace

  • No design or drawing skills needed

  • Build fun stuff

Start Learning Animation Today

Animate CC is the industry-standard tool for 2D animation for broadcast, web, and social media.

I’m going to show you how to build short 2D animations that can be exported as video or animated GIF that can be easily shared via email or social media. 

Whether you want to make cows with rocket packs fly, make an animated e-card for mom for Valentines day, or add a little visual pizazz to your marketing campaigns this course will show you how. 

The most comprehensive  Animate CC Course for beginners available

This isn't the type of 1-2 hour course you'll get bundled into a subscription. I'm not just going to walk you through one project and say I'm done. You'll build 10 fun projects with my step-by-step guidance.

We're going to start at the beginning and build up to more complicated concepts together. 

Unlike other courses (or countless free youtube videos), I don't expect you just to watch me and magically learn. I provide detailed instructions in video and written form for each exercise. 

The only way you are going to learn is by doing it yourself. If you get stuck along the way, I'm here to help. I provide email suport to all my students and typically respond within 12 hours.

Once you learn the fundamental concepts of animating with Animate CC, you will be amazed at how much you can do!

Watch Sample Videos (no registration required)

Get a taste of a typical lecture and my special Follow-Along instructional videos

I present this material as if I was sitting with you doing a one-on-one training. In a typical lesson I will clearly explain:

  • how files are set up
  • what we will be learning
  • how to do it

A typical video lecture is 10-15 minutes long. 

What sets this course apart from all the others are my Follow-Along videos. I know what it's like to read a book or watch a video and then have no idea how to do it for myself. 

The Follow-Along videos are usually only 2-3 minutes and show THE EXACT STEPS you need to follow. 

I invite you to watch the BOTH the lecture and Follow-Along videos below to get a sense of how easy this will be.

Typical Lecture

Follow-Along Instructions

Download source files and instructions: GTI-Sample.zip


Expert Instructor Carl Schooff

Learning how to create animations with Flash (now Animate CC) 20 years ago literally transformed my career and I’m hoping to help create a similar result for you. I learned very quickly that I could build really cool animations for big clients without any formal design training or programming background.

To this day, watching something that I create move across the screen still brings me joy, regardless of how simple it is.

Career Highlights

  • I’ve been both an Adobe Certified Expert and Certified Instructor for Flash Professional (now Animate).
  • I’ve taught hundreds of students animation in classroom settings at Noble Desktop in NYC.
  • Created instructional videos on youtube that have over 1 million views (SnorklTv and GreenSock).
  • Instructed 1,000s on how to use the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) as GreenSock’s Geek Amabassador.
  • Created GreenSock's Official Training book and video course.
  • I run a healthy blog that has served 200k+ readers across the globe.
  • Corporate training, seminars, and conferences.
  • Articles published in .Net Magazine, Tuts+, and css-tricks.com.

Despite the decent credentials what people appreciate most is my “down to earth” style.  Watch some of my free videos, I think you’ll get a sense of my style very quickly. Hopefully we’re a good fit.

Does making a bunch of cows with rocket packs fly across the screen sound like fun to you? If so, I think you'll feel right at home.

My 3 Rules of Effective Training

  • Keep it fun

    Learn to animate explosions, creatures, cows with rocket packs, nachos, aliens, ufos and tons of silly stuff.

  • Keep it simple

    Build a strong foundation through short, modular lessons that focus on the basics.

  • Hands-on!

    The only way to learn is by doing things yourself. This course is packed with hands-on exercises.

Student Reviews

Loved the lessons!
I've searched high and low for tutorials online for beginners and NOBODY comes close to carl. It's broken down into palatable modules. Great follow-alongs. 5 stars!
Jonathan Dias
After following so many boring videos and courses on Animate CC I searched on google for "fun animate cc course" - and this is the only one of all I ever tried I'm really having fun with..
Boris Nicolai
WOW! Just wow!
I feel like I am about to cry! Thank you for being such an incredible instructor. You make learning Adobe Animate easier than learning the alphabet.

You are AWESOME!!
Tiara White
Really clear and comprehensive course
Can't praise it enough.
stephen Chadwick
Best intensive course from zero to one hundred
This is an absolutely fantastic course, I haven't use Adobe Animate since it was Adobe Flash Professional CS5 (back in 2010) this course helped me keep on track and refresh knowledge also it showed me how to approach the thing in a different way taking advantage of the new feature of the software.

Highly recommended to beginners and users of previous versions.
Pablo Zuniga
One of the best courses I've ever taken.
As a beginner, I've learned sooooo much. Super job, Carl. I was amazed how clear your instructions came across, logical and consistent. Look forward to other courses you might teach.
Gayle Fuller
I highly recommend it!!
This is the best course to learn Adobe Animate!

Carl’s sequential mini follow-along videos help you build upon your skills without getting frustrated. He shows you how to add sound, gives you .fla files to use with video tutorials, and teaches you how to export your animations as .mp4 videos and .gif files.

As an ABSOLUTE beginner, I really appreciated Carl making his course simple and easy to understand.
Nancy Iler
Excellent for Beginners
Even though I have taught Flash/Animate for a number of years, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I picked up a few tips and a bunch of good projects. If you want to learn the basic mechanics of animation in a fun, easy-to-learn format, I highly recommend this course!
Karen Rhodes
👏 👏 👏 👏
This class exceeded my expectations

Absolutely the best class in Adobe Animate I found so far!

Keeps it simple and clear with easy to follow steps.

I now have more confidence in using this amazing program!

Romeo Soebrati

Course curriculum

About this course

  • $10.00
  • 60 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need?

You will need Adobe Animate :) Animate is included in Adobe's Creative Cloud. If you are a student or creative professional with a Creative Cloud subscription, you already have Animate. 

To download Adobe Animate and learn more about what it can do visit: Animate CC on Adobe.com

This course was recorded using Adobe Animate CC 2019. All the techniques apply to newer versions which have introduced subtle interface changes.

What skills do I need?

You just need some basic competence with computers: opening files, saving files, using the mouse. 

Do I need to know how to draw good?

Absolutely not. There will be some lessons where I teach the basic drawing tools, but 90% of the focus of this training is on animation. I will be providing all the creative assets.

Do I need to know other programs?

Nope. Familiarity with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Sketch will help but is by no means necessary. When you unlock this course with your SkillShare Premium membership you get access to HUNDREDS of Adobe courses.

Do I need to know web development stuff like HTML?

Not at all. Although Animate CC is great at outputting HTML5 canvas animations, all the projects in this course are created to be output as single gif or video file that can be easily shared via email or social media. You do not need to know any HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. The goal of this class is to eliminate as many technical barriers as possible and make animation fun for everyone.

What if I'm not satisfied?

There's nothing to worry about with my 28-day, 100%-money back guarantee

Don't like the course? No problem, just let me know and I'll be happy to offer a refund, no questions asked.

However, with the FREE PREVIEW you'll know exactly what you are getting. See for yourself why this course has been called "THE ABSOULTE BEST".


Questions about this course?

Shoot an email to carl@snorkl.tv I'll be happy to help.