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Bring your Art to New Levels with a Little Bit of Code

Have you ever wished you could create cool and random artwork without spending hours making hundreds of manual adjustments? 

The good news is you can write just a few lines of code to get wonderfully magical results.

In this course I'll walk you through a few basic coding concepts that will open up you up to a whole new way of creating art.

This is a Beginner Level Course

I'm going to keep things light and easy. My goal is to teach you a few basics so that you can get inspired by how much you can do with just a little coding knowledge.

It helps to have some experience with Animate CC but it isn't mandatory. In the videos I show you exactly what you need to do.

I want you to feel the joy that programming brings. Trust me, it doesn't need to be scary or hard. 

How this Course Works

This course is broken into 2 main parts

Part 1: Basic Coding Concepts

Here I will explain the key coding concepts (writing code, variables, functions, loops, etc) in isolation with very simple examples.

Part 2: Building the Project

In this section we will take what we learned in Part 1 and apply it to our real-world project.

Each video is roughly 5 to 10 minutes long. You basically just need to sit back and watch me explain things.

In addition to the videos I'm providing:

  • A pdf document with notes for each video and very light "homework" assignments to help you practice and learn the concepts for each video.

  • Start and Finished fla files for each part of the project. The finished files allow you to see things each step of the way in case you have trouble with the homework.

  • Bonus fla files that show some cool coding concepts beyond the scope of this course. I'm hoping you can look at them and have some fun tweaking them.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Project Overview

    1. Actions Panel and Functions

    2. Using Variables

    3. Targeting MovieClips

    4. Change Properties with Code

    5. Add MovieClip to Stage with Code

    6. Explaining Loops without Code

    7. Creating our First for Loop

    1. Building the Stacked Version

    2. Custom Random Function

    3. Building the Circular Version

    4. Building the Random Version

    1. Bonus: Crazy Feathers

About this course

  • Free
  • 14 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do I need?

You only need Animate CC which comes with a Creative Cloud subscription or can be purchased separately. Visit the Animate CC page on to learn more. 

Do I need experience with other scripting languages?

Absolutely not. This is a beginner level course. What's great about ActionScript is that its very similar to other languages. What you learn here can be applied to many other languages.

Do I need to be a designer?

Nope, all the artwork and assets are created for you. However, if you have some design skills and know your way around other Adobe software you will be in really good shape to create awesome generative art after completing the course.

How long should it take to complete this course?

There is roughly 70 minutes of video training in this course. You should be able to complete the course and all assignments in 2-3 hours.

Can I ask you questions while I'm taking the class?

Yup, you can even ask me questions before you purchase. Just shoot an email to I'm happy to help with any questions related to the course material.