ScrollTrigger Multi-Colored Line Indicators

This sample lesson is a GREAT example of the type of lesson I deliver weekly to my Creative Coding Club students.

Even if you don't know much about GSAP or ScrollTrigger, this lesson will give you a glimpse into my training style and the level of detail I put into each video.

I hope you watch the whole video and get inspired to use this effect in your own projects!

Today we are going to deconstruct a cool effect i saw on this Vega WebFlow Template.

We'll dig behind the scenes to get a sense of how it's built and then build it up from a very basic starter file.

Along the way you'll see that some of my initial presumptions about how to build it were incorrect.

I decided to show you all my steps because I want you to see that in order to figure these things out, we all have to start somewhere and learn along the way.

Be sure to watch the whole video and see if you can guess where I went wrong OR maybe you can try your own solution.

Finished Demo

Here are a few of my variations along the way

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